Cross-functional Assessments of Supply Chain Management Processes

We have developed assessment tools that can be used to benchmark an organization’s practices with best practices and prioritize the identified improvement opportunities. We offer two assessment services:


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a) Web-based Assessment: We provide access to our on-line assessment tool. You tell us which process you want to assess and provide us a list of the individuals who will be participating in the assessment. Then we set-up password protected access to the tool and e-mail directions to the participants. Once all the users have completed the assessment, we provide you with three reports:

Scores Report: For each item in the assessment, this report provides the average score, the range of scores, and a distribution of scores (in other words, how many people gave each score).

Justifications Report: For each item in the assessment, this report provides you with a list of all the comments that were made in the “Justification” field of the assessment. These comments are provided without names attached.

Individual Reports: These reports are given to the individual participants. They provide a record of the scores and the justifications provided by each respondent.

The three reports are needed to facilitate the consensus building session where participants review the scores and comments and determine consensus score for each item.

b) Web-based Assessment Plus On-Site Facilitation: We take an active role in facilitating the assessment. In addition to the above, prior to using the assessment tool, we conduct a conference call with your team to familiarize them with the process being assessed and the assessment tool. Then, we attend and facilitate the consensus-building session. Based on the discussion of the consensus-building meeting, we help you develop a plan-for-action. The consensus-building meeting and the session for developing the action plan take a full day. Finally, we provide you with a summary report which incorporates our experience with other companies, identifies the biggest improvement opportunities, and offers guidance for implementation.

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